sobbo Travel pillow + pillowcase

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40 x 28 cm
100% plant-based
Naturally ventilating
Organic buckwheat filling
YKK zipper
GOTS Cotton
Tencel™ pillowcase
Made in the Netherlands


sobbo Travel is a pillow based on the Japanese concept. This pillow molds to the needs of your body. This way you recover optimally at night and neck and back problems are a thing of the past. Handmade from the most sustainable materials, hypoallergenic and naturally ventilating. The handy sobbo Travel is great for traveling and suitable for children.

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Optimal support

No more neck and back problems

sobbo reduces neck and back pain by putting your body in the correct sleeping position. These complaints often arise from a wrong posture. During the day, but also at night when you sleep. Logical, when you consider that you spend a third(!) of your life in bed. Without noticing (because you are sleeping) you lie wrong all those hours and your body can hardly relax and recover.

Every body is unique and needs different support for a good sleeping position. Unlike standard pillows, you can personalize the shape of sobbo. The filling of buckwheat hulls molds itself to your head and neck. You can adjust the volume yourself until you are stable. This concept finds its origin in Japan, where it has been popular for centuries due to the positive effects on sleep, body and energy.

Hypoallergenic pillow

Hygienic & Hypoallergenic

sobbo is hygienic and hypoallergenic; it is impossible for bacteria, fungi and dust mites to nestle in buckwheat hulls and the GOTS certified cotton that we use is free of pesticides.

Cool pillow

Keep your head cool

sobbo keeps your head cool at night and can help prevent insomnia. The buckwheat hulls are naturally ventilating. It can dissipate heat and sweat well.

Plant-based pillowcase

Pillowcase with your sobbo as standard

With sobbo you get a pillowcase made of Tencel™ as standard. This is a high-quality, durable material with a luxurious feel. Tencel™ is 100% plant-based, strong, soft, temperature-regulating and hypoallergenic.

Plant-based filling

Organic buckwheat hulls

All our buckwheat pillows are filled to the maximum. Before use you can easily adjust to your personal needs. Our buckwheat hulls are hypoallergenic and come from organic farming. Your head and neck are supported by the resilient buckwheat hulls. The breathability of the material keeps the pillow fresh and cool during the night.

Sustainable pillows

Sustainable in every detail

We make every sobbo ourselves in our studio in the Netherlands. The buckwheat hulls come from organic cultivation and we make the pillowcovers from GOTS certified cotton, the pillowcase from Tencel™ and the brand labels from recycled PET bottles. Packaging is free of plastic.



Width: 40 cm
Length: 28 cm


GOTS certified cotton


Organic buckwheat hulls


±1 KG (depends on the buckwheat harvest)


sobbo Travel pillowcase made from Tencel™

In the box

sobbo Travel pillow
sobbo Travel pillowcase
Bag with clip (for excess buckwheat filling)