sobbo Plus pillow

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60 x 42 cm
100% plant-based
Naturally ventilating
Organic buckwheat filling
YKK zipper
GOTS Cotton
Tencel™ pillowcase
Made in the Netherlands


sobbo Plus molds to the contours of your head and neck and offers optimum support. Handmade from the most sustainable materials, hypoallergenic and naturally ventilating. This generous sized buckwheat pillow gives you an extra luxurious feel.

All our buckwheat pillows are filled to the maximum. Before using it you can easily adjust the amount of buckwheat filling adjust to your personal needs. By opening the zipper in the seam, you can transfer the excess buckwheat filling to the supplied bag. This way you create your most ergonomic sleeping position. With the right support, your muscles can relax, allowing you to sleep faster and deeper. Complaints such as neck pain, night sweats and snoring will alleviate or even disappear.

The vegetable buckwheat filling is not susceptible to bacteria, fungi and dust mites and ensures good ventilation so the pillow stays cool. your sobbo Plus comes with a sobbo Plus pillowcase. This pillowcase is made from Tencel™. A particularly durable material that is hypoallergenic and feels super soft.

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Optimal support

Yours, and only for you.

Your pillow is personal. Nobody else uses it and you rest your head on it every day for hours on end. Everyone has a different need regarding the height of a pillow. Only with the right volume does a pillow provide the support that your body needs. sobbo pillows can be accurately adjusted to your physique and need for the best possible support. This ensures an ergonomic sleeping position and helps prevent complaints such as neck pain and snoring.

Hypoallergenic pillow

Hygienic & Hypoallergenic

Buckwheat chaff is a very hygienic material. Bacteria, fungi and dust mites cannot nestle in the material. The case is made from GOTS certified cotton and is free from pesticides and insecticides. With this you run less risk of allergies and skin complaints such as eczema.

Cool pillow

Keep a cool head.

A warm head during the night can cause insomnia. Due to the ventilating properties of the buckwheat filling, a sobbo pillow can dissipate heat well and allow sweat to evaporate. This keeps your head cool which is important for a good night's sleep.

GOTS certified cotton

Case made from organic cotton.

sobbo is made from GOTS certified cotton (Global Organic Textile Standard). This means that the cotton a sustainable product in all respects. This is because GOTS sets high standards for farmers and factories in regards to use of harmful chemical and working conditions.

Plant-based filling

Organic buckwheat filling.

Our buckwheat chaff is plant-bases, hypoallergenic and is organically farmed. Your head and neck are supported by the resilient buckwheat hulls. The breathability of the material keeps the pillow fresh and cool during the night.

Plant-based pillowcase

Tencel™ pillowcase.

sobbo pillowcase made from Tencel™ is the cherry on top: it has a luxurious feel in a fully responsible manner. Included with every sobbo pillow as standard. A relatively unknown but special material in all respects. Tencel™ is 100% plant-based, feels super soft, regulates temperature, breathes, is hypoallergenic and, just like buckwheat chaff, is insensitive to bacteria, mites and fungi. The material is also very strong. In addition, Tencel™ manufactured in a very sustainable way.



Width: 60 cm
Length: 42 cm


GOTS certified cotton


Organic buckwheat chaff


±3,5 KG


sobbo Plus pillowcase made from Tencel™

In the box

sobbo Plus pillow
sobbo Plus pillowcase
Bag with clip (for excess buckwheat filling)