First time use

In 3 steps you’ll make sobbo your personal pillow.

  1. Put your sobbo upright with the zipper up in order to not spill any buckwheat filling. Adjust the amount of filling. You can do this by opening the zipper and - with the help of, for example, a cup - taking out some filling. Put the excess in the supplied paper bag. Close the zipper.
  2. Check sobbo by lying down in your favorite sleeping position. Do this on your mattress. This will influence the required amount of filling. It is important that your spine is straight and that your head and neck are fully supported. Repeat these steps until you lie in an ergonomic position.
  3. Close the paper bag with the excess filling using the clip. Store it in a dry place for future refilling. Put the pillowcase around your sobbo and enjoy the many benefits.