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We all sleep, but everyone has different needs. Therefore personalising your sobbo pillow is very important. That way you'll fully benefit from your sobbo. sobbo provides optimum support for the head and neck. This makes your muscles relax, you fall asleep easily and your body can recover. sobbo pillows are fully plant-based and hypoallergenic. The naturally ventilating buckwheat filling stays fresh and cool during the night. We produce every sobbo exclusively from sustainable materials in our own studio. Healthy for you and for our planet.

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The essence of sleep

The quality of your night reflects your day

Our brains are a precious mechanism. When you sleep get the time to rest. Toxins that accumulate during the day are then disposed of. Unfortunately, sleep is still underestimated or seen as a waste of time and that's a shame. After a day of performing, our body yearns for that moment of rest to fully recover. Everyone needs good sleep. Only with good sleep you'll be the best version of yourself and you'll make an important contribution to your health.

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Our sustainability mission

Maximum sustainability

Sustainability is our driving force. With attention for detail and passion we want to offer you a healthy, honest and responsible product. Every sobbo contains buckwheat hulls from organic cultivation, GOTS-certified cotton and even the brand label is made from recycled PET bottles. All our pillows are handmade in our own studio in the Netherlands. We use right sized, filler-free and plastic-free packaging. We call this maximum sustainability. This way we limit the impact on the environment and we will continue to look for ways in which we can improve. For us it's important that you sleep with peace of mind.

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